Friday, 5 August 2011


Yes, I am the proud owner of a positive pregnancy test!
1st beta : 50! Awesome!

All other posts will now be on Littlediiorios. Thanks for following here, during my 'secret' mission.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

7dp 5dt

I can POAS now but too chicken. Plus, if I don't see a second line, I will be a mess for the next four days with my brother and his family and I don't need to do that. I will buy more time. Had cramps all day yesterday, and that feeling I get when my period comes in my body. But you cant get true PMS on these high doses of hormones and the cramps were a bit different than AF cramps. So dont know what to think. My boobs are a bit tender, especially when I wear a bra. But these can all be due to the drugs. So trying to hang in there. Nice to hear from you!! Will be doing fun stuff today in Salt Lake!!

Sunday, 31 July 2011


Hi there! thanks for following! nice hearing from you girls. I am in California at my friend's house. Yesterday I rested in her bonus room upstairs with the balcony door open and went into a trance....and then we went for supper in a cool Asian fusion restaurant. I loved it. This morning we enjoyed a typical Orange County farmer's market. You would not believe the produce...the strawberries are actually red...not part pink and part white. I found the fruit I have been looking for, for years! and couldn't even find in Italy....Blood Oranges!! yey!! I jumped up and down....well...not too high ;)
    Just today I have been able to slowly let go of the stress and disappointment of Stef not being here and decided to focus only on the very moment in front of me. As for any's still too early, but I am exhausted. That could be from the stress lifting. And my boobs are sore...but they usually are one week before my period, which would be right on schedule if this was a normal cycle....which makes me question....this is not a normal cycle, and my hormones are being manipulated to imitate a holding pattern just a few days after ovulation. My body has no idea about a why do my boobs hurt. Maybe just habit.  We are having fish tacos for lunch and curry for supper. yey!!

Thursday, 28 July 2011


I had always wanted to write that title. Stef and I talked. He of course would probably like me to come home deep down inside but it is too disruptive now that the plans have been made and not fair to me. He told me to carry on without him. He went back to work and will make the best of it. He will miss my 40th and Beta day...the 5th. I will still be at my brothers. I offered to go home on the 5th but He feels that if he missed the transfer the rest don't matter enough for the change in airfare fee. We'll celebrate my birthday with a big party at home later this month. And we'll skype Beta day. Hopefully with good news!! As for the bedrest...I do have to get up once in a while to get stuff out of the fridge or my shot or the bathroom but back to bed quick I go. Slept a lot yesterday and slept off the stress last night so hopefully the little one is burying itself in as we speak! The TV has not come on yet. I love the quiet. My room overlooks the park and the big window opens so I feel like I'm outside. I will actually be sad to see this day end. It's very peaceful. But off to Cali tomorrow!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Picked up the Kid

The little one survived the thaw. Got a picture of him or her hatching. Beautiful. The transfer with accupuncture was three hours. Had to pee in a bed pan laying down....NOW I've done it all. Slept most of the afternoon back at the hotel. A bit stressed though and I hope it won't affect the baby. Stef could not join me at the last minute. A long story with a passport mishap. It was very upsetting to both of us and I still am not over it. Am also torn between moving on with the rest of our holiday on my own to see my friend in California and brother in Utah or to go home. I will have fun on my holiday and haven't been at my brothers for years but feel bad that I won't share it with Stef. Also don't really want to go home and spend my 2ww sitting in my house when I could be in Salt Lake City with my bro and my niece. But if I don't, Stef will miss my 40th birthday and the pregnancy test. He says he's ok with it. We can Skype. Will keep thinking. Thanks for your support!! On bed rest tomorrow! And to Orange County!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hey there gals. I'm heating my butt for the famous P shot, in midst of final packing. I am taking SOOOO much stuff. I didn't want the stress of one luggage so I packed two for our holiday after. Less stress packing, but more stress carrying. Oh well. I have a good excuse this time....trying to get pregnant!

Transfer is at 2 pm tomorrow with acupuncture before and after. Here we go! Wish me luck!!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Tickets are booked!!

Little by little, I'm getting us ready for our travels to Colorado. The tickets are booked, although that was a bit of a risk, but if the calendar stays on course, I will save mucho $ by booking now. I also booked an increadible hotel on Newport Beach in California, right after my bed rest. We are visitng a friend there and she has company that night, so we are staying at a near by hotel instead - I'm really excited to hit the pool and ocean side shops and celebrate my PUPO.

I am on the Lupron and estrogen patch, and trying to set up my progesterone testing. Very frustrating, as Denver wants it on a Saturday and the lab that does progesterone is not open then. I called to discuss it with him but they wont talk to patients. Thank goodness I had talked to a patient of my doctor's who had gone to Denver and she gave me the lab's directors phone number so I can talk to him directly. He did and said he would open the lab on Saturday but to see if Friday or Monday would work, so I'm expecting a call from my nurse to talk to her about it. So glad I had contacts to help with stuff like this.

On other news, my husband said that if this doesn't work again, he's fine with moving and adopting. That was music to my ears. And a warm blanket on my soul. He was opposed to trying a third time, and as far as I knew, not sure about adopting. But I always wanted to adopt as B to Denver. So we have a plan B, and about the moving part? career is at a dead end where we live and I can't stand it anymore and he can't watch it anymore. We are aiming at moving to a bigger city so I can spread my wings. And one way or another, as a family!